As for me and my house we will serve the Lord

{Christ|Jesus|Jesus Christ|Christ Jesus|Christ The Messiah} {Has Sent|Sent|Has Given} {Us|His Believers|His Followers|His Disciples} {An Advocate|A Helper|The Spirit Of God|The Holy Spirit|The Holy Ghost}

It’s {extremely|very|critically|crucially|vitally} {important|significant} to {be aware of|know|understand|come to the knowledge of|realize|come to the realization|come to know|learn} the {fact|reality|truth} that {Christ|Jesus|Christ Jesus|Jesus Christ|Christ the Messiah} {came down to|appeared to|made His appearance to|came down from heaven to} this earth with such {a highly critical|a very important|a decisive|a great|a powerful|a colossal|an immense} {mission|responsibility|plan}.

His {purpose|goal|objective} was to {create|make|build|establish} a {pathway|way|means} through which {humanity|mankind|people|human beings} could {be reconciled|be brought back|be restored|redeemed|purchased back} to {God|God Almighty|God the Father|their Creator|their supreme Creator} and {inherit|have} {everlasting life|unending life|eternal life}.

This {mission|purpose|agenda|plan} was successfully {accomplished|achieved|fulfilled|completed} {the moment|at the moment|at the very moment|the very moment|when} He {willingly|voluntarily} {laid down|gave|offered|presented|yielded} His life on the {cross|cross of Calvary} and {resurrected|came back to life|brought back to life} {three days later|3 days|three days thereafter|3 following days}.

{Having said that|With that being said|With that being the case|On top of that|Additionally|Moreover|Furthermore}, there was another {important|significant|vital|critical|substantial} {work|deed|mission} that {must have been|should have been|had to be|needed to be} {fulfilled|completed|achieved|brought into completion|put under way|done} {in|within} the life of {those|individuals|people|sinners|desperate sinners|hopeless people|hopeless sinners} who have {chosen|made the choice|willingly chosen|wilfully chosen} to {accept|receive|invite|confess} Him as their personal {Lord and Savior|Savior and Lord|Lord|Savior}.

It’s such {a great|a powerful|life-changing|monumental|momentous} transformation that must {be taken|happen|transpire|unfold} place {continually|continuously|persistently|endlessly|daily}.

The {main reason|sole reason|ultimate reason|main factor|ultimate factor} is that {it’s the very element|it is the thing|it is the evidence} that will {demonstrate|show|prove|exemplify} the {awesome|great|magnificent|breathtaking} {transformative|restoring|redeeming|saving|liberating} and regenerating power of the Lord’s {death|sacrifice|sacrificial death|atonement} on people’s lives {(2 Corinthians 5:17)|according to (2 Corinthians 5:17)|in accordance with (2 Corinthians 5:17)}.

That’s {exactly|precisely} {why|the reason why} {God|God the Father} sent the {Holy Spirit|His Spirit|Holy Ghost|Spirit of truth} to {come to|appear in order} {indwell|live inside|reside in} {those|people|individuals|sinners} who {believe in|accept|receive} His {only|only begotten} Son. His {job|task|mission|work|goal} is to {empower|equip|strengthen} us, {so that we can|in order for us to} be {fruitful|productive|produce fruits} for {the glory of God|God’s glory} and become {who|the person|whom} God {wants|desires for} us to be in {Christ|Jesus}.

Before {Christ|Jesus|Jesus Christ|The Son Of God|The Son Of Man} {ascended|went} to heaven, He {had a|had a great|had an awesome} {conversation|talk} with His {disciples|chosen disciples} {regarding|concerning|about} {someone|another entity|another being} who will be {sent|delegated|commissioned} by God in order to {help|equip|empower} them.

{He|Jesus|Christ|Jesus Christ} said to them, {God|My Father} will {send|give} you another {advocate|helper|comforter} (John 14:16). The {term|word} “another” literally means {someone|somebody} just like Him {who will|who is going to} be as {caring|compassionate}, {loving|gracious}, and {supportive|merciful} as He is. He {spoke|talked} {about|regarding|concerning} {different|various|multiple} roles that {person|entity} will {play|exercise} in their lives among these are, He will {lead|take} them to all truth, He will {remind|recall} them of {everything|what|the Words} He said, He’ll {teach|instruct} them and {help|enable|empower} them {understand|comprehend} the {Word of God|God’s holy Word|Bible|Holy Scriptures|Holy Bible}.

See this faith-filled article titled As for me and my house we will serve the Lord to uplift your faith in God.

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